Hi, I'm Sharon Simpson

I photograph and coach bright, brilliant, beautiful women, who want to be seen, be visible and are ready to EXPERIENCE a new groundbreaking approach.

I reveal the beauty that is in the everyday woman, to encourage her to be seen, really seen and in the words of Dr Brené Brown (researcher, storyteller, author), vulnerably seen so that she is visible firstly to herself, then in her relationships and at work.

The Reveal Program is a combination of coaching, photography and mentoring to create a process that is fun, intense, deep and challenging.

Some years ago when I began photographing women I quickly learned that many are reluctant in front of the camera, and don't know how to be their true selves, so they clam up, and none of their personality shines through.

Just like I was, because of a long term skin condition I was ashamed of my appearance. Not anymore.

So I developed the program to help women whose scars you can't see, the ones on the inside that you can't see.

And through The Reveal Program's Covergirl Headshot Photoshoot and Workshop, which is a one day group event where I run an intensive morning session on visibility, followed by preparation for how to look good in photographs, then a headshot photoshoot, I've found that my clients learn to open up to relax so they have a good time in front of the camera and love the experience.

I also have one-to-one VIP experiences and soon to come retreats.

My clients are entrepreneurs, professionals and mothers, they are women on a mission.

And ready to be seen!