Hi, I'm Sharon Simpson

I photograph and coach bright, brilliant, beautiful women, who want to be seen, who want to be visible and are ready to take the leap.

My clients are entrepreneurs, professionals and mothers, they are beautiful souls on a mission, often working within the helping professions, they are driven women who feel invisible! Sounds like an oxymoron, I know.

The main factor that keeps them hidden is, fear: of judgement, rejection, abandonment, criticism, shame and of what others think. They are able to project confidence outwardly, yet inside they feel unworthy, unattractive and sometimes unloved but they know within them is a volcano of greatness!

I help them get to that volcano and breakthrough the limits that prevent them from being seen. They transform expectations they have put on themseves and perceived expectations they think come from others; family, partners, friends, clients etc.  When this changes their self worth, confidence and love increases. Then they are more productive, powerful and unstoppable.

I am the founder of The Reveal Program, a combined coaching and photography process that is intense, deep and challenging. This all sounds very serious, so it's important to tell you that there are fun, exciting elements too. As you begin to make these important changes, you see yourself differently, you transform those fears into courage, which then allow you to be seen, to be visible.

That means having the confidence to ask for what you want, to be the face of your business, to deepen your relationships and love the person you are.

No more hiding.

No more waiting.

No more expectations.

You as you really are!

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